Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need this project?

A student information system (SIS) serves as the core platform for managing data pertaining to student coursework, faculty teaching and advising, financial aid, reporting, and many other aspects of the work of the colleges. Whenever students register for classes, faculty submit grades, or administrators generate reports pertaining to students, faculty, or coursework, to name a few, they do so via the SIS.  A highly-customized version of Jenzabar CX is used by the five undergraduate colleges and it is nearing its end of life, requiring a change to another system.

What is the timeline for this project?

Please see the timeline.

Can I receive updates about the SIS project?

Yes. This website is periodically updated, and the SIS team distributes a short newsletter with a summary of major activities related to the student information system implementation. The newsletter is currently distributed via email to all project teams and most intercollegiate committees across The Claremont Colleges.

If you would like to be added to the newsletter, please send an email requesting to be added to:

Who is involved?

The SIS implementation project is led by project owner Stig Lanesskog, CEO of The Claremont Colleges Services. He is assisted by an executive committee with senior representation from all five undergraduate colleges and TCCS. Functional Implementation Groups, or FIGs, were created with TCC staff that have expertise in different functional and technical areas from across the six institutions collaborating in the implementation (see table below). A faculty advisory board was also established with the assistance of Academic Deans Council to provide guidance for those aspects of the project that touch on the work of faculty.

To meet the Deloitte team assisting TCC with the Workday Student implementation, click here

To view the SIS implementation project’s governance, click here

FIG NameName of FIG Chair InstitutionDeloitte Lead’s Name
Academic AppointmentsColleen WynnCMCMeagan Ciccarelli
Change Management, Training and CommunicationsLaura Muna-LandaTCCSRoss Mecham
COREElisa AlbanPomonaWendy Williams
Data ConversionRobert GoldsteinPitzerMike Fotta
Financial AidPatrick MooreScrippsKim Wasierski
IntegrationsJoseph VaughanHMCMike Fotta
Records, Advising and CurriculumMark AshleyHMCLauren Rochholz
ReportingElizabeth MorganCMCMichelle Han
Recruiting & AdmissionsRaissa DiamanteHMCBrenda Amaya
SecurityCole MaddoxPomonaJason Schnicker
Student FinancialsAmy HarrellTCCSDavid Li