The Workday Governance Committee is a subcommittee that reports up to the intercollegiate Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC). ITSC membership includes representatives from each of the colleges as well as from each of the inner collegiate committees (academic deans, business and financial affairs, communications, student deans, library). TCCS’s CEO and Vice President of Financial Affairs serve as non-voting members.

The Workday Governance Committee is populated by representatives from various committees (ADC, SDC, BFAC, etc.), and when needed, additional staff who can provide expertise in a particular area. These sub-committees may not always include a representative from each of the colleges, but members of the ITSC ensure that the best interests of their colleges are taken into consideration.

The ITSC Workday Governance Committee

Chair: William Morse, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Pomona College
Sharon Basso, Vice President for Student Affairs, Claremont McKenna College
Dean Calvo, Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer, Scripps College
Andrew Dorantes, Vice President for Administration and Finance/Treasurer, Harvey Mudd College
Patricia Easton, Executive Vice President and Provost, Claremont Graduate University
Steven Holley, Vice President for Finance and Administration/Treasurer, The Claremont Colleges Services
Kim Lane, Assistant Vice President, Communications, The Claremont Colleges Service
Laura Troendle, Vice President of Finance, Administration and Treasurer, Pitzer College
Peter Uvin, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, Claremont McKenna College
Joseph Vaughan, Chief Information Officer/Vice President of Computing and Information Services, Harvey Mudd College