Core/Design Team

The core design team is made up of representatives from every member of The Claremont Colleges. They are tasked with configuring the new system. This team structure enables members to address specific concerns of each institution during implementation.

Pomona College

Mary Lou 621-8135
Vickie 621-8276
David 607-8095

The Claremont Colleges Services

Mia 607-0689
Michelle 621-8207
Mabel 607-2190
Vanessa 607-4698
Clemente 607-0188
Ryan 621-8441

Claremont Graduate University

Jim 607-3183

Scripps College

Diane 607-3736

Claremont McKenna College

Jessica 607-7447

Harvey Mudd College

Scott 607-4667

Pitzer College

Lori 621-8856

Keck Graduate Institute

Erin 607-8502