The Claremont Colleges engage in many cross-campus projects furthering the common goals of our eight institutions. These include implementing new information systems as well as upgrading our technical infrastructure. In these collaborative project websites you will find project goals, member lists, and status information communicated by the project managers involved.

Workday Governance Update

On October 6, 2020, the Council of President approved the merger of two committees, the Workday Governance Committee (WGC) and the Workday Summit Group (WSG), into a new Workday Leadership and Governance Committee (WLGC). 

The new WLGC will report to the Council of Presidents. The WLGC has two core area of responsibility: to advise the SIS Executive Committee which is responsible for the Workday SIS project and to provide overall governance and oversight of the Workday System

Membership of the WLGC is as follows:


Pomona- Rob Goldberg (VP, COO and Treasurer) and Robert Gaines (VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College)

CGU- Leslie Negritto (VP of Finance and Administration/Treasurer) and Manoj Chitre (AVP, Technology Services & Information Systems)

Scripps – Dean Calvo (VP for Business Affairs/Treasurer) and Jennifer Berklas (AVP of Human Capital and Risk Management and Deputy Title IX Coordinator)

CMC- Coreen Rodgers (VP of Business Affairs and Chief Operating Officer) and Heather Antecol, VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

HMC – Andrew Dorantes (VP for Administration and Finance/Treasurer) and Joseph Vaughan (Chief Information Office and VP of Computing and Information Services)

Pitzer – Laura Troendle (Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer) and Elisa Alban (Executive Director for Operations)

KGI- Kelly Esperias (VP and Chief Operating Officer) and Cheryl Merritt (AVP of Human Resources and Employee Engagement)

TCCS –Colin Tudor (Interim VP for Administration)


The WLGC will also include the following three non-voting members:

Kerean Povich (Senior Director, Enterprise Business Systems – EBSS)

Mark Ashley (Registrar at HMC and WGOC representative to WLGC)

Scott Martin (AVP for Business Affairs at HMC and WGOC representative to WLGC)


Andrew Dorantes and Rob Goldberg will serve as the inaugural Co-chairs of the WLGC.  You can reach them at