The Claremont Colleges engage in many cross-campus projects furthering the common goals of our eight institutions. These include implementing new information systems as well as upgrading our technical infrastructure. In these collaborative project websites you will find project goals, member lists, and status information communicated by the project managers involved.

august 2019 update

Greetings TCC Community,

As the 2019-20 school year kicks off, we felt it important to provide everyone with an update on the current status and what has been happening to realize and bring to fruition One Workday for The Claremont Colleges.

The Workday Governance Committee (WGC) continues to work on resolving and moving forward on strategic issues surrounding further Workday integration, optimization and governance. In May of 2019, the Workday Governance Operations Committee (WGOC) began meeting. The purpose of the WGOC is to manage operations of all Workday pillars holistically.  The WGOC is comprised of members of each of the Cores as well as Subject Matter Experts.

Currently, a subcommittee of members of the WGC and WGOC is working to clarify the priorities structure and key core principles for the WGOC as they do their work to optimize the system. Once this priorities document is completed, it will help to foster a better understanding for everyone from the end-user to the Presidents’ Council of the principles by which changes and configurations are made to the system to best meet the needs of the TCC community.

Some of the other specifics that WGC and WGOC are currently working on include developing roadmaps using agile methodology, resolving issues to improve usability, inclusion and accessibility and preparing for a community-wide survey about Workday to launch later this fall. The WGC is also working to build a structure for managing legal issues that arise in the implementation of Workday and other administrative systems.

There has also been a shift in WGC leadership; Andrew Dorantes (VP for Administration and Finance/Treasurer, HMC) is now the Vice Chair, and he will become the Chair of the committee in January of 2021, following the term of current Chair William Morse (Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Pomona).

In order to keep everyone apprised of the work of the WGC and WGOC, we will be making more frequent updates to this website. We also look forward to sharing the priorities document and everyone’s participation in the survey.

Please feel free to submit additional questions to Colin Tudor, via the project website or by speaking directly with a WGC member (listed to the right).

Thank you,

The Workday Governance Committee

August 2019 conceptual Workday Governance Structure and Process

August 2019 conceptual Workday Governance Structure and Process