Workday Student at TCC

In April 2018, the Board approved the budget for the implementation of Workday Student as TCC’s student information system (SIS) for the five undergraduate colleges and Keck Graduate Institute. The target go-live date for the new SIS is the fall of 2021.

As project owner, Stig Lanesskog, CEO of The Claremont Colleges Services, is supported by an executive committee with representatives from the seven institutions involved (the five colleges, KGI, and TCCS).  A large part of the implementation work will be carried out by functional implementation groups (“FIGs”) , made up of staff from across all institutions.  Eleven FIGs have been created to cover all areas in scope. Click here for a list of FIGs and their respective leads.

In addition to the executive committee and the FIGs, the faculty advisory board, will continue to provide guidance for those aspects of the project that pertain to the faculty.

The SIS executive committee, with input from staff involved in the implementation, recommended to the presidents in the Spring that we: (a) change our go-live date to 2021; and (b) transition to a new implementation partner. Deloitte Consulting was selected as our new implementer this past June.

What’s Coming Next

We have completed the transition phase of the project in November with our new implementation partner Deloitte Consulting. We will begin the Architect phase of the project (Nov. 2019 – Feb. 2020) during which Deloitte will:

  (a) continue to review foundational configuration elements, 

  (b) identify and inventory each Workday Student business process, and

  (c) conduct preliminary design to start system configuration in the next project phase.